A Craftsman Hempstead Bungalow

This very unique home was originally conceived as a design exercise: what would it look like if we designed a home that was net-zero, used all locally produced materials, and would meet the very stringent (German) Passive House energy standards?

In the course of the development of this design, we discovered hempcrete, and while initially skeptical, research supported its viability, and it ultimately became integral to the project. The rest is history.

As a prototype design, this project has served to inform much of our ongoing work. Most notable perhaps is the use of hempcrete for the exterior walls, and site harvested and produced compressed earth block for flooring and thermal mass. The energy use for both heating and cooling are exceptionally low, and the indoor air quality is exceptional.

Development Process

Design Process


Consultation Process

  • Designers: Tim Callahan, Jennifer Bennett, Luly Gonzalez, Clarke Snell,¬†Jeff Buscher, Lisa Mandle.
  • General Contractors: Red Shed Woodworks, all of the designers and a host of volunteers
  • Engineering: Medlock and Assoc.