A Tight Tiny House

Despite a modest construction budget,  we achieved the goals of livability and energy efficiency through careful consideration of both the building envelope, interior configuration and finishes. While the exterior utilizes industrial, low-maintenance materials, the interior finishes are comprised of an earthy palette of  textured earth plasters, tile, stone and locally harvested wood. The upper level sleeping loft and deck are accessed by a counter-balanced stairway that folds away when not in use.

This small home was built as a temporary residence for its owner, until he finished construction of another home on this property, the intention being that it would ultimately become a caretakers cottage for someone that would be managing his farm and orchards.

As is typical of our designs, we incorporated large areas for outdoor living in this residence. Due to budgetary considerations, we did not build a full foundation, and the outdoor spaces are accomplished by large decks on both the main and upper levels which overlook permaculture zone 1.  The upper level deck opens up off of the bedroom, and has South view to Mount Pisgah in the distance.

Heating and cooling are accomplished with a 28 SEER single-head mini-split, and hot water by an on-demand gas unit and average total monthly utility cost is $37.50.

  • Designer: Alembic Studio, LLC
  • General Contractor: John Szubay
  • Engineering: Medlock and Associates
  • Mechanical Systems: Mike’s Heating and Air
  • Landscaping: By owner