Download the Alinea Series 32 Page Brochure

Introducing the smartest way to build your hemp house in the US.

What the brochure contains:

  • Introducing America’s first pre-design hemp homes.
  • Understanding the properties of hempcrete
  • Unique attributes of an Alinea hemp home
  • Discover which Alinea Package is right for you.
  • Additional services are available by Alembic Studio for custom designs
  • How Alembic collaborates with your building & design professionals.

Preview the Alinea Series Floor Plans


Elegant modular designs streamlined for adaptations, additions and a variety of classic aesthetics.


Modifiable wall thicknesses for superior thermal insulation and nearly 70% reduction in energy costs.


Take your vision further with the Alembic Design Team at your side. (optional)


Start with one of our preset sizes and easily grow with your future needs.

250 Years

Mixing hemp shive with lime binder increases home life span up to several hundred years.

Mold Resistant

Hempcrete self-regulates for year-round optimal indoor humidity and healthy air quality.


“When we did our first Passive House project, we were looking for a material to use for a wall system that would provide high insulation, low air-infiltration, be mold and allergen free, and be relatively easy to use. Hempcrete satisfied all of these requirements, and eight years later, we have not found another material that satisfies all of these criteria, AND has such a low carbon footprint.” — Tim Callahan