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Tim has been involved in the design-build industry across multiple disciplines since 1976. He has been the designer and builder of custom guitars, timber frames in the Japanese and European traditions, blue water sailboats and custom residences. He is the former owner of a General Contracting company specializing in custom homes and commercial structures.

He has worked extensively as a licensed General Contractor, Marine Engineer, timber framer, and fine woodworker. Over the past decade, his body of work has primarily consisted of the design and construction of ultra energy-efficient homes built with local, natural materials. He is co-author of the book “Building Green” and has resided with his family in Asheville, NC since 1992.

Tim co-authored the book “Building Green,” now in its 2nd English and French editions. Working on the book led to further and continuing research and experimentation with the integration of natural materials and high-efficiency building systems. As current partner at Alembic Studio, LLC, Tim and his associates designed and engineered the Nauhaus Prototype- the first hempcrete home designed to meet Passive House standards.
While not representative of the full scale of work and services offered, Alembic now finds itself in the interesting position of being a leader in the design and implementation of hempcrete systems for a diverse range of clients. Sometimes Tim wonders, “How did I get here?” Life is good.