LULY-36Luly Abraira is partner at Alembic Studio, LLC. based in Asheville, NC.  Her Alembic team’s creative design process aims at responsibly distilling solutions, which integrate throughout ecological, economical and sociological concerns. Removing redundancies and making way for holistic residential and commercial designs while facing the sustainability challenges the building industry desperately needs to overcome.

In 2009, after graduating from Florida Atlantic University’s School of Architecture, Luly moved to Asheville, NC. As a registered LEED AP, Luly served as LEED Team Leader on the Nauhaus Prototype — the first of many hemp structures Alembic Studio has designed.

Concentrating on the intersection and enhancement of public and private space in an urban environment, Luly expanded her studies abroad at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona, Spain. Her passions for design found an outlet within the urban realm inspiring her to found O.P.E.N. (Outreach Projects Enhance Neighborhoods) for designers, artists & the community at large. Aspiring to promote public spaces as a medium for shared experiences, she launched Asheville’s first Parklet on Lexington Avenue in 2012.

Luly’s Cuban heritage instilled family and closeknit values as the touchstones of any community. As an aspiring architect, environmental designer and urbanist, Luly’s personable, positive, lively attitude towards sustainable change inspires those around her to be a part of the movement.