Hemp Home Designers. To start.

Alembic Studio is the leading hempcrete building specialist in America. Alembic strives in achieving a synthesis with natural materials, modern technological innovations and advanced building approaches. All to produce comfortable buildings that are energy-efficient and sensible for sustainable lifestyles.

In 2008, Alembic’s members began the research and development of what became the iconic Nauhaus Prototype- one of the first permitted hempcrete buildings in America and the most energy-efficient hemp home in the country. Since then, their team has been refining hemp home designs that are distilled models of health, efficiency, and longevity. A hemp home provides a less wasteful means of construction and yields a healthier residence, ensuring a mold and allergen free environment.

With the heightening interest in hempcrete homes, Alembic responded and created an online, open repository knowledge base called Hempsteads.info. Focused on providing unbiased hemp building advice and presenting vital resources for professionals and homeowners, this design firm lives up to its responsibility of spreading the benefits and the proper implementation of hemp. As supporters and champions of the industrial hemp movement, Alembic welcomes fellow pioneers to share their own experiences and usher in a construction industry renaissance, including hemp as a necessary part towards realizing net-zero, sustainable structures.

Tim Callahan

Tim has 40 years experience in design-build projects ranging from single family homes to bluewater sailing yachts, intentional communities and more.

Luly Abraira

As an architect in training, Luly focuses on cohesive reflections of a client’s lifestyle needs, tastes and aesthetics while preserving the natural beauty that each site holds.

Jennifer Bennett

A multimedia artist with a specialty in architectural detailing and documentation, Jen has been a critical member of the Alembic team since the development of the Nauhaus.